29 September 2021

Useful Idiots Don't Know They Are

useful idiots don't know they are until the master turns against them. Couldn't happen to a better person. I say shut down "FakeBook". Full Story

27 September 2021

The word 'Alien' stricken

The supposedly systemically racist term “alien” will be replaced with words like “noncitizen” and “immigrant” that are considered more compatible with California’s leftist regime as they appear to establish their own California version of Newspeak. Full Story

Biden's Build Back Better At No Cost is a Lie

Independent analyses of the plan refute the president’s claim, including one from the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget that found the “true cost” of the bill is around $5.5 trillion. Full Story

Think while it’s still legal

Rihanna was spotted Friday in New York City, wearing a white “Think, While It’s Still Legal” t-shirt. Full Story

Companies Paying No Taxes Might Increase Under Biden

You will be taxed more, but some companies will get a tax break. Sounds like Democratic logic, tax the middle class while the lower and upper class pay little to nothing and get refunds on taxes they never paid. Full Story

DNA Vaccine

Lets change human structure and make them better, stronger, and faster. Or is it for population control? Is DNA something that should be played with? Full Story

As Usual CNN Picks and Chooses

It seems Okay for 100's of thousands of South Americans to enter the country illegally without shot records or even getting shots of any type. But CNN portrays Afghans coming into America without shot records. Tell all of the story on all of the people entering America. Full Story

Democrats Continue to Incite Hate

I think they’re treated differently because they’re Black, because they’re Haitians, said Maxine Waters. Full Story

As It Should Be In Any Home Invasion

Bill Leeper is calling on armed citizens in his county to “blow [35-year-old Patrick McDowell] out the door” if he targets their home. Full Story

One Million Illegal Aliens Added To Welfare?

Over 600,000 of the illegal border crossers have been released into the U.S. under catch-and-release since Biden took office 8 months ago. America is on its knees, and will soon fall face first into quicksand never to recover. The nation will be destitute and will need to borrow money from other countries; and therefor be like like other poor nations with only the elite having the best of everything while the peasants feed off the scraps. Full Story

A Great Nation On Its Knees

Biden administration is seeking to “dissolve” the country as it passes the “inflection point,” while highlighting key contributing factors including the rapid flooding of the nation with illegal immigrants in order to “overwhelm the system”. Full Story

25 September 2021

Believe The Lie

Democrat Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) said on Thursday that the $3.5 trillion piece of legislation will cost nothing “because we’re going to actually tax corporations and the wealthiest individuals to pay for those things.” If a democrat lips are moving, it's lieing. If you tax corporations they pass that increase into the cost of the product or service. So the consumer is being taxed. Since the cost is higher so will be the amount of state and local taxes you pay on the increased product or service. So, you, the consumer are paying for the increase in the corporate tax rate increase. Anytime a company has to pay more in taxes, the cost of running that business is passed onto the consumer. The American way, Pay more and get less. Full Story

24 September 2021

Take The Poison or Don't Fly

Will the federal government ultimately require passengers on domestic flights to be vaccinated? I for one would not be surprised. How would it be controlled and proven? Humm maybe a RFID chip with the prefix 666 inserted into your forehead or hand verifying if you received the poison by using Starlink 5G satellites to access government databases. Full Story

Huh? What Obligation?

I would like to see Dem Wilson offer her home and money instead of my home and money. The Dems only want to spend your money and obligate you. Full Story

Free Food, Free Money, What Do You Expect?

Childhood Obesity Soared During Pandemic. Full Story

23 September 2021

It Begins and Bidens Government Owns It All

Two Afghan men, brought to the United States as part of President Joe Biden’s massive resettlement operation out of Afghanistan, have been charged with child sex crimes and domestic abuse while temporarily living at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin. Full Story

No Need To Watch your Back

There is no need for you to watch your back, Bidens Government will do that for you. Biden administration is promising a new era of FBI snooping, harassment, and provocateuring. Full Story

22 September 2021

More Diseased Illegals Allowed Into Socialist America

So much more of your money will go to diseased illegals. America is already overcrowded with welfare and lazy people. The Brainless government is letting them in by the hundreds of thousands. Why, one should ask? Votes to stay in power. Not sure about the votes since the voting system has been corrupt since 1960's. They care not what happens to the country and its people, they want your money and obedience. Obey, all is well, there is no need for alarm. We are the government and we are here to help. To help ourselves to all that you have.............. Full Story

Your Income To Support Terrorists

Democrats are looking to spend billions in American taxpayer money on ensuring newly arrived Afghans, brought to the United States by President Joe Biden’s administration, have access to welfare, housing assistance, and medical services. Please sir can I give all I have so they can have a better life then I? Full Story

21 September 2021

Americas' Downfall and Death, is Itself

Abraham Lincoln quote: "From whence shall we expect the approach of danger? Shall some trans-Atlantic military giant step the earth and crush us at a blow? Never. All the armies of Europe, Asia, and Africa could not by force take a drink from the Ohio River or make a track on the Blue Ridge in the trial of a thousand years. No, if destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men, we will live forever or die by suicide." This is where we are as a nation, Death by Suicide..... Full Story

Socialists Overtly Buying Votes?

Did you know that the average voter will vote for the political candidate that promises the most money for the "poor"? That's when the people loose control of the country. People need to see the government "buys" votes by giving you other peoples money. It that a form of Racketeering? It's a way to keep the people poor and way for not taking care of themselves, kind of like sheep. Full Story

Food Cost Isn't High Enough

So you say you like to eat. Well that will cost you more then it has this past year. Not only have we seen a huge increase of food cost this year, it's about to get worse. If the Government issued Covid virus doesn't kill you then not eating will help decrease the population. Full Story

iPhone Features to Help Detect Depression

More unsupervised technology is all we need. So if this comes to pass will the information be passed to DHS, CIA, FBI, and any socialist controlled government agency? I'm sure the Socialists will agree this should happen. Lets monitor and control everyones actions and movements, well except for the diseased illegals entering the country they get to have free reign. These phones are nothing more then spying devices for the government and may be taking the place of an implant RFID capsule. Who knows but it's all to much to fast. Full Story

Biden's Government Wants More Power and Control

Down from $10,000 transaction to $600 transaction, Biden's Government want your bank or Credit Union to report any transaction of $600 dollars or more to the OVERREACHING IRS. Go Biden...... Full Story

Biden's Government Infecting Legal Americans

Afghans to the United States are carrying viruses such as measles, malaria, tuberculosis, as well as the Chinese coronavirus. Go Biden, keep putting the TAX payers at risk. The hippies of the sixties have transformed this country into a cesspool of death and corruption. Full Story

17 September 2021

National Indoctrination System Runs A muck Again

If you following directions, you are a "White Supremacist". Well now I have pretty much heard eveything. But then I am talking about the National Indoctrination System aka Public Schools. Full Story

Bidens Government Puts Florida at Risk

Because of Bidens hatred toward DeSantis he has cut the antibody vaccine to Florida in half. Is Biden creating death panels or showing his normal kindergarten antics or both?. Full Story

All Mighty and Powerful

Get the Chinese coronavirus vaccine or get out. Said A Florida landlord who owns eight apartment complexes totaling 1,200 units has given his tenants an ultimatum. I am powerfull, do as I say or...... Don't think this will hold up in court but people do love power over others. Full Story

16 September 2021

Get Ready To Pay a Lot More a Lot, Lot More

Government promises are made to be broken. The statement that SHOULD put everyone in fear is "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help". The government seems to ALWAYS do the opposite of what they say. Well, that's always been my observation. Full Story

Hypocrisy at its Finest

While Biden's Government is all but jailing Real American citizens for not taking the poison vaccine. Biden's government will NOT require legal or illegal immigrants to get the vaccine. I guess that leaves the door open for Fauci claim for a "Monster" variant of the virus coming soon to a town near you. This is NOT the only disease the legals and illegals are bringing with them. Full Story

Incompetent or Dementia?

Mr. Biden appeared to forget who he was talking to Wednesday night when he looked away from his prepared notes for just a few seconds and addressed Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison as “that fella down under.” Full Story

Coronavirus Forever

As we all know the world is over populated and if this "Virus" doesn't reduce the population fast enough, then the governments of the world will come up with something additional. Leave to Gates, a college dropout, and Fauci to open yet another door in Pandora's Box. Full Story

6 September 2021

America's Schools are the Worst In World

While the rest of the world is advancing in all areas of mathematics, the United States priority is diversity. Par for a democrat run socialist school system. Full Story

5 September 2021

Tax on Plastic and A Lot More

Only the democrats can come up with scams to hurt each and every American. "Plastics Excise Tax" which will "impose a $.20 per pound fee on the sale of virgin plastic." Virgin plastic is a vital material in medical devices and products, clothing, toys, and thousands of household products. It never ends with democrats, they want more and more and then even more of YOUR hard earned money for their social programs. Full Story

Fifth Generation StarLink and What Else

One must ask what is the real reason is for 5G satellites to cover the world. Is it for the benefit of humanity or something sinister for use by governments? Will the satellites be able to project holograms to make it look like Earth is being invaded? Will this allow governments to "Pretend" to shoot down fake UFO's while the reason is to bomb cities across the globe to reduce world population. Will the sheep people of the world then call out for a "One World Government" and usher in a One World Leader. Will there also be a more deadly virus released in late 2021? Will there be a New World Order established by 2024? Full Story More Info