29 October 2021

National Indoctrination System In Full Swing

Florida School Board Member Accompanies Elementary School Children on Field Trip to Gay Bar. America is well on its way to hell in a hand basket. The prostitute as described in Revelation 17:4-5. Full Story

One World Government

The Pope seems to believe the world should be open with no borders. That utopia does not exists, as of yet. “The most important lesson we can take from these crises is our need to build together, so that there will no longer be any borders, barriers or political walls for us to hide behind,” said the Pope. Another piece of the One World Government puzzle is now in place. Full Story

Bidens Government Hires Illegals Before Americans

Democrats MUST flood the country with foreign people so they can maintain power. The bill allows CEOs to hire an uncapped population of foreign graduates with dangled offers of government-awarded, fast-track green cards. Full Story

Banks To Report $600 Transactions

Government spying on all of your bank records. Who says banks aren't in control. Now the government is using them to spy on you. Can we say "Totalitarianism". America has been in a Police State since September 2001. Now it's time to move onto the next level - Totalitarianism Full Story

Brain Washing Does Work

Government and social media played a big part in brain washing, well along with the National Indoctrination System. The future looks expensive and more controlled. Prepare yourselves for a new socialist government overreach and controlled society. White House National Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy responded to concerns that increased regulations will cause increased gas and oil prices by stating “There’s a place for” regulation and “We’re going to use it.” McCarthy also touted hearings with oil executives on Capitol Hill as “a day of reckoning” for the oil and gas industry. Full Story

27 October 2021

On The Right Track To What - Socialism?

With the fastest inflation rate in years, high food prices, high gas prices, high housing costs, high rental costs, Biden's government claims we are on the right track. To what I ask, bankruptcy? One way to get total control of a nations people is to bankrupt that nation. America is well on its way that end. Biden ignored Americans struggling with increased inflation, high gas prices, and supply chain shortages, and promoted the free things he wanted to give Americans. He argued Americans were enjoying increased household wealth, more manufacturing, and a high stock market. As always it comes down to this, if the government lips are moving its lying. Full Story

Get Ready To Open Your Bank Accounts

The tax man cometh.....Corporate Tax of no less then 15%. Well my readers, that will be past down to us the little people. So who pays the tax? We do through "Money Laundering". Full Story

If It's Not One Thing It's Another

Okay, they got away with Coivd scare for over two years, now here comes another government created crisis to scare and kill more people. Everything that comes out of government the last 5 years has been nothing but death, hate, violence, disruption of lives, livelihood, and most of all reduction of freedom. Terrorist groups in Afghanistan could have the capability to attack Western countries and their allies in as little as six months, a top Pentagon official said Tuesday during testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Full Story

Government Gone Wild

Catering to the creatures that don't know if what gender they are is one of the many things government doesn't want to take a stand. Why? It may have a negative impact on their re-election. What does it matter anyway, the election system has been broken for over 60 years. Biden administration would issue its first passport with an “X” gender marker for people who refused to identify themselves as male or female. Full Story

Give Up Rights Before Reading

Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) is forcing parents to sign a form similar to a non-disclosure agreement in order to view their Critical Race Theory based curriculum. Parents are only permitted to view the curriculum in person — and cannot broadcast, download, photograph, or record any portion of it. Full Story

15 October 2021

Has America Fallen?

AMERICA - What made America great? Was it once its wealth? Was it the ingenuity of its citizens? Just what was it that made America be envious of the world? America is a youthful country in comparison to many countries. Just what was it about her that made her so great? There is no one answer; America, I believe, there was one and only one factor that set the base, keystone, and the fundamental foundation for its greatness. The Constitution, that’s right the Constitution. The founding Fathers knew from past experience that Kings, Dictators, and the like were an Oligarchy and not a Republic of the people. The Constitution was a document that represented the people not the Government that the Government was to abide by. But alas, today the Government does not follow the Constitution unless it is in their favor, other then that they ignore it because it gets in their way of socializing America. America’s greatness was because the people had the freedom to make choices. They were allowed to have dreams and those dreams turned into businesses which made great products. At the time these businesses were not totally controlled or operated by the Government. Government was pleased to see the businesses prosper, the saying used to be “If you succeed then I succeed”. It seems today it’s more of Government will succeed. However, you will pay a penalty for your success. America was the first in inventing many things in the world because of freedom for entrepreneurship. Would America today be able to invent the things it did 50 or 100 years ago? I would have to say no. The Government has its fingers in all aspects of everyones business and life. Some cities you can’t smoke in your own home. In some companies you can’t wear perfume or perfume deodorant, because of Government ruling. You can’t build here or there because of an ant lives here or a grasshopper lives there. You can’t grow this type of food or you can’t water your crops because of one fish might not survive. You can’t cut this tree down, you can’t plant that tree. The lists of taxes, and fees are endless. The wealth of America, there is no wealth any longer. Government takes what they want, when they want, and gives it to whomever they want. That is not a Republic that is a Socialist Dictatorship. The leaders of today’s America are hippies or descendants of the hippies of the fifties and sixties which was a group of people that were led by socialists and communists. These are the ones that are in control now. Draft dodgers, the ones that went to college to skip the draft, the lawyers, the journalists, and the educators. These are the ones that control what the rest of us are allowed to say and do. These are the ones that lived in communes and shared what they had with each other including the women and men. Some of the children didn’t know who their Fathers were, the women got past around like the cannabis bongs they used daily. They wanted the Government to give them everything they wanted with no questions asked; but yet hated what Government stood for. The takers as it were took what they could and always wanted more because it was never enough. The educators then started to teach America’s children their sick and perverted ways; poisoning the minds of youth, indoctrinating them for the new wave of socialist America. The new America slogan, “Take what you can from others. Always demand more and give nothing in return. America, sadly to say is not so great any longer. Over the last 60 years she has fallen into degenerate society like many other countries of the world. Why? Because the brainwashed hippy descendants believe that America should not be sovereign and should welcome, feed and give all it has to the world and to hell with its own citizens. So I say goodbye to America, the Republic that once offered the world a chance for a free life and personal choices. Goodbye America - I will miss you.

8 October 2021

White People Used As Guinea Pigs

The View cohost Joy Behar said that black people shouldn’t have vaccine hesitancy because “…the experiment has been done on white people.”. There ya go the people in television flaming the hate and distrust of the people. Full Story

Bidens Government Supports Firing of Workers

Biden defends “mass firings” and thousands of people losing their jobs because of his vax mandates. Joe Biden is an expert at killing jobs (and US servicemembers). Full Story

America Seems Like Russia

Are bread lines coming to America? Very well could be as supplies run low in most categories of items. Our dearth of manufactured parts and containers is part of a broader crisis of manufactured scarcity in America. A protectionist and anti-growth instinct runs through government, yielding not only a flat-footed CDC and a tardy FDA but also sharp restrictions on housing construction, immigration, and the licensing of new professionals and tradespeople. Focusing on the redistribution of income and goods is natural for today’s progressives, who tend to emphasize the virtue of equality. Full Story

Fakebook Users Information Being Sold

Sure am glad I was Never a Fakebook user. Hackers Are Selling the Personal Data of 1.5 Billion Facebook Users. Full Story

7 October 2021

Seattle, San Fransisco of The North

Seattle just became the largest city in the country with a hands-off policy for people who consume natural psychedelics. That should keep insurance rates lower along with murders and suicides. Let's take a trip man. Full Story

Watch What You Sign, with your hands

A man jailed for allegedly threatening the life of a woman transmitted the menacing message in sign language via a video text. So what's next, being arrested for body language? Full Story

No Vax, No Medical Treatment

Die if you do and die if you don't. What a choice. Thank you fear mongers. UCHealth’s denied a kidney transplant to a Colorado Springs woman because she was not vaccinated against the coronavirus. Full Story

Cost The country “zero” Dollars

May cost the country "zero" dollars, but it will surly cost you and I a LOT from our pockets, well unless your an illegal from anywhere in the world; then you have a free pass to everything. Full Story

Climate Change A Public Health Issue

In order to gain MORE power, the government will brand climate change to a public health issue. Maybe that's where COVID19 came from, it was caused by climate change. Govt Will Brand Climate Change as a ‘Public Health Issue’ to Expand Their Power. If a government realises that when public health is deployed as the spectre to frighten people, then actually they can accumulate a lot of power for themselves without too much opposition. Full Story

America Same Path as the Fall of Rome

Open borders, "globalism,” and “tribalism” are contributing to a collapse of the United States reminiscent of the fall of Rome. Said Davis Hanson. Full Story

1 October 2021

World! Get Ready For The Greatest Hoax Ever

Will the world governments 'pretend' to have a UAP (UFO) hoax in order to engage in a 'fake' battle to try and unite the world into a "One World Government" which will have total control over all that you do and say? Not far away I'm afraid. Maybe that's why the moon is moving. Nah, that's not the reason. Full Story

The Moon Is Packing Up And Moving

While the earth needs the moon to hold it steady it's getting tired of the democrats and the world changing to socialism, so off it goes to places unknown. I for one don't blame it for leaving the earth behind. Sometime in the future the sun will get sick and tired of the liberals and expand and devourer the earth. Full Story