29 November 2021

NIBIRU, approaching?

Sonic booms and earthquakes. Mysterious ‘boom-like’ sounds heard in Virginia, Booms. Six small earthquakes reported in a week in North Carolina county, geologists say. Earthquakes

Democrats Spending Spree

“The Democrats have been on this big drunken spending spree, raising taxes, spending trillions of dollars, they’ve neglected to take care of the basic forms and functions of government, and that is with the House, Senate and White House all in Democrat hands,” Scalise lamented Full Story

Aways Imposing Their Will On Others

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said Sunday rural and suburban voters should buy electric cars because they burn the most gasoline. “families who once they own that vehicle will never have to worry about gas prices again.” Yeh but will pay eight (8) cents a mile for having an electric car. It's coming, 8 cents a mile and also the tax at the pump stays the same. New ways for the government to take what YOU work for. Full Story

I'm in power now, so it's Okay

It's always okay for the democrats. Their motto is I can do it but you can't, so there. When Donald Trump closed borders due to the Chinese coronavirus, he was smeared as a xenophobic racist. But now that Joe Biden and other nations are doing it...well, that's different. Full Story

Danger, Danger, Will Robinson

More scares and more controls yet to come. It's all about control..... Will it ever stop? Never. Full Story

23 November 2021

Democrats Continue To Buy Votes

House of Representatives passage of the Build Back Better Act put monthly payments for some Americans in 2022 one step closer to becoming a reality. Full Story

19 November 2021

Total Control is A Must

Austria to enter lockdown, make COVID-19 jabs mandatory. One has to realize the world is over populated and the planet can not sustain eight (8) Billion people. This virus was released to reduce population. If this doesn't reduce it fast enough, rest assure there will be more viruses or wars. Just my personal opinion, no hard facts to back it up, just my lack of trust in governments.

Fair Share! What is That?

On and on all you hear is "Fair Share". What the hell is that? To me it's nothing more than the "Worthless" politicians brainwashing the illiterate into thinking the high wage earners don't pay taxes. I agree there are too many loop holes in the system, but the "Poor" have so many tax breaks and end up getting money from the tax payers they never paid into the system. So the "Worthless" politicians want to raise your taxes so they can BUY votes by giving your money to people not working or not wanting or willing to work. Ah, the great American scam system. "Once the populous can vote themselves a pay raise, they will vote for the one that will give them the most" The system is so corrupt to the point of being broken. More

11 November 2021

Great reset - Cashless Society and More

Its been on the rise since January 2020 - You will not be able to buy or sell without this mark. It's all about "TAXES" and control don't let anyone tell you different. With a "cashless" system the government will know EVERYTHING you buy or sell. Several places already know what you buy, food stores if you have a store card, Walgreen's, CVS, Sams Club, BJ Club, Costco, and many more. This is “just the very first step” in the Great Reset’s cashless society. The next step is to move to a digital version of the U.S. dollar. Some people have referred to this as something like the Fed coin, where we use technologies – specifically blockchain technology – to create a digital version of the U.S. dollar. Full Story

5 November 2021

Government Has To Many Controls

Government controls are seeking to dumb down and have caused a two class system, the haves and the have-nots. All levels of government are being controlled by the Feds which seems to over reach their authority and will refuse funding for communities unless they follow their demands, but will say it's for the better of the good. The government is made up of people that have been indoctrinated in socialist communists teachings of the last 40 years. The education system has been infiltrated by socialist and communists in the last 40 to 50 years. This is what we have now as so called leaders. Is your neighborhood next to be "Socially Engineered"? Full Story

Obama Pollutes the Air he Claims To Save

Only a nut case liberal can pollute the air with jet gases and claim they are for climate control and change. Again, what are they high on? Full Story

Your Tax Dollars Given Away

So if you are entering this country "Illegally" you can get paid for doing so. What the hell is going on? The so called people in charge of this country are high on something. Full Story

1984 is Real

Children are being "Bullied" by the Indoctrination System to bear all about their personal lives. The socialists have most definitely taken over ALL levels of government from Washington DC to the cities. Full Story

No Surprise

Clinton linked to Russia Collusion. Full Story

3 November 2021

Will Government Be Involved?

Seems like a good idea as long as government doesn't tell me what I can grow. Full Story