31 July 2021

The National Bank The Beginning of The End

Federalism, takes away states and most of all individual peoples rights. Modern feudalism where nobody other than the oligarchs owns property, intellectual, real or personal. If the Department of Justice has its way and causes State Legislators to be awed into submission by its projection of power, abandoning the unenumerated powers reserved for them in the Constitution, then America has become a post-federalist society. Full Story

CDC Director Lies

Walensky openly lied to the American public about the tens of thousands of unvaccinated and untested illegals crossing the border each week and being shipped across the country. Full Story

Americas Cold Civil War

American totalitarians are the problem. No matter what we do, it will never be enough, because COVID isn’t about COVID. It’s not even about public health. It’s about controlling the American people and reducing us to slaves. Full Story

30 July 2021

Vaccine Shot For COVID Works Great

Seems as if the vaccine works great at spreading the virus. Now the government wants to poison everyone. Four vaccinated adults and two unvaccinated minors tested positive for covid-19 during routine end-of-trip screening Thursday on Royal Caribbean International’s Adventure of the Seas. Full Story

Human Robots or Spies?

Facebook is about to release Ray Ban ‘smart glasses’ – and could have built-in camera to record EVERYTHING you see. My guess is spies. Full Story

Free Money is Not To Blame, Is It?

An inflation gauge followed closely by the Federal Reserve increased 3.5% year over year in June, slightly below the 3.6% estimate. The personal consumption expenditures price index, which excludes food and energy, was expected to increase 3.6% at a time when the U.S. economy has seen its highest inflation pressures in more than a decade. Full Story

Billions Lost, Couldn't Happen To Better People

Zuckerberg lost $5.4 Billion, Bezos fell $13.5 billion. One can only hope they bottom out to zero. Full Story

The General Public Will NEVER Know

Early in the pandemic, a top scientist sent Dr. Anthony Fauci an email suggesting the coronavirus may have been engineered. The next day, this scientist was on a call with Fauci and other top doctors. Days later, he called the suggestion that the coronavirus may have been engineered a “crackpot” theory. Reduce the worlds population. This is but one paragraph in the book of the "Great Reset". Full Story

Democrats Don’t Care About Minorities

Democrats Care About Minority Votes – Real or Manufactured. The Democrat Party is the only political party in the world today that in the past had a platform promoting slavery. The Southern Democrats went to war in part to keep their slaves. The North wanted the Souths wealth and commerce. The REAL reason for the war between the sates. Full Story

29 July 2021

Empathetic Authoritarians

Which group do you consider you are part of Neutrality-Driven Empaths or Emotion-Centered Empaths? Full Story

If You’re An Illegal Alien, Congratulations!

Privileged border trespassers have been handed special “Get out of COVID Tyranny” cards, while the Biden administration is poised to send vaccine squads door to door to harass law-abiding citizens. Immigration rules don’t apply to illegals, and neither do the invasive pandemic rules imposed on our citizenry. Full Story

COVID-19 Hospitalization Data Challenges

The Biden Administration, Saint Fauci the Valiant, and the CDC technocrats are fearmongering by repeating speculation new COVID-19 variants are starting another deadly wave. Full Story

COVID Vaccine and mRNA

Information about the inventor of the mRNA technology used in certain COVID-19 vaccines was removed from the online encyclopedia site Wikipedia after he publicly warned against giving the experimental gene therapy vaccines to young people and that there was insufficient information about the injections to give informed consent. Full Story

Covid Vaccines Make the Virus More Dangerous

Dr. Robert Malone, M.D., M.S., a distinguished physician who discovered RNA transfection and invented mRNA vaccines, was on Steve Bannon’s War Room Wednesday with some alarming news–new data indicates that people who have taken the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are at greater risk of getting Covid than someone who is not vaccinated. Full Story

CDC Teams Up With Facebook On Misinformation

The CDC and Facebook targeted media outlets, mostly conservative, that posted any factual information that differed from the CDC propaganda. Full Story

PayPal Joins The Far Left

PayPal, the online payment processing giant, has announced it will work with the far-left Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to collect information on and cut off financial flows to so-called extremists, and that it will share the data it gathers with law enforcement, policymakers, and the rest of the financial industry. Full Story

28 July 2021

Trust in Public Health Plummets

What's the point of being vaccinated with an experimental agent that has not been FDA-approved if we are still being bullied into covering our faces? Full Story

Bidens Government Infecting America With COVID

Biden claims he’s scared to death of the spread of the Delta variant of Covid and wants to limit the freedom of American citizens who are vaccinated and, according to science, are protected against that virus while giving the greenlight to infected foreigners to flood states, especially states governed by Republican. Joe Biden is attacking America in the name of what? Full Story

Bidens Government Continues To Infect Americans

While pressuring Legal Americans to get a vaccination, Biden government continues to FLOOD America with COVID infected illegals. A government run a-muck Full Story

Are You A Fed Employee? Roll Up Your Sleeve

Biden Government this week is expected to announce his administration will require federal workers to be vaccinated for the coronavirus or else submit to strict testing measures, NBC News reported Wednesday. Full Story

On The Rise Vaxed Against UnVaxed, America New Civil War

Throughout the U.S., a growing number of dining and drinking establishments are turning unvaccinated customers away. “No Vax, No Service” decisions have sparked controversy, with anti-vaccination groups and individuals saying they constitute a violation of civil rights. Full Story

Are The COVID Vaccinations working?

Was it a ploy to see how many "Dumb" people listen to the socialist government? The worse is yet to come. The sales pitch to sucker us into getting vaccinated went like this… Hey, if you get vaccinated, all your worries are over and life can return to normal! But now, to bully the unvaccinated into getting vaccinated, we’re being told Hey, if you’re vaccinated, you got to get back in the masks because you could die otherwise! Liars. Full Story

America Being Disarmed

The process includes being fingerprinted and photographed, undergoing a background check, registering the AR-pistol with the ATF, and paying a $200 federal tax. The entire process takes nine to ten months to complete. Full Story

Bidens Government Bent on Destroying America

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) stated that the Biden administration wants kindergartners “muzzled with a mask,” but when it comes to people crossing the border illegally, “they don’t give a damn about COVID at that point. Full Story

Global Cooling?

Climate scientist Dr. Willie Soon has urged his fellow academics to pay closer attention to the sun’s activity, which suggests several decades of global cooling rather than warming. Humanity can solve a lot of problems including overheating, but the problem of a little ice age like that of the 1700s those problems are much harder to solve. Full Story

Bidens Flip Flop

Flip Flops, isn't that something you wear on your feet? Not in Bidens case. Him and HIS government is running a-muck. The Biden CDC on Tuesday announced they would be backtracking on their previous guidance. The Biden White House was in disarray. Until the Biden Administration stops the thousands of people with COVID [Chinese coronavirus] from pouring into our country illegally, then shipping them all over the country, we are going to continue to have waves of outbreak of COVID Full Story

27 July 2021

No Discrimination in Chicago

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot doubles down on only granting exclusive interviews to reporters of color. Full Story

Get The Jab Or Look For Work Elsewhere

This is the beginning, a lot more is to come. I foresee in the near future people who don't get vaccinated will NOT be able to get any health care. After all we are dealing with the government and they did create this virus to reduce world population. This is part of the Great Reset. Full Story

Vaccinated Getting Covid

Vaccinated people getting Covid. So now they get enlarged hearts, they get blood clots. but they can still get Covid. Very Interesting. Full Story

Bidens Government Give-Away Program In Trouble

The establishment media sounded the alarm Monday that President Joe Biden’s infrastructure designs are crumbling. Full Story

ABC The View and CNN Offer Threats

The media is coming out to threaten people that don't get the "VAX". Lets turn against each other and criminalize the Un-Vaxed. Tyranny has arrived in America. Go to you local city town hall and get your rocks to stone the the Un-Vaxed. The United Socialists States of America. Full Story | Full Story

What Is Your Dollar Worth

Money, what's that? The rate of inflation and tax increaes have left many worse off than a year ago. Thanks to Biden and his government. Full Story

Be Afraid And Obey

Believe the lies, close your eyes, obey the masters. Full Story

23 July 2021

Biden and The 25th Amendment

If people think it's bad now, just wait for Harris to take over. Representative Ronny Jackson (R-TX), formerly the White House physician, said Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” that he believes President Joe Biden will be forced to resign or be removed with the 25th Amendment. Full Story

Bidens Government Stacking The Courts

While Democrats may spend more time talking publicly about vaccines and infrastructure, the rapid pace of both nominations and confirmations shows judges are one of the party's most urgent priorities. Full Story

21 July 2021

Is Your Spy Phone Making You a Spy?

Your phone can be accessed remotely without anyone even touching it and you never knowing that it's been turned from your friendly digital assistant into someone else's spy. I'm sure glad I don't have a spy phone. Again they are the second most evil thing invented. Full Story

Is This The New Crisis?

Monkeypox outbreak fears as CDC monitors 200 people in 27 states for possible exposure after contact with infected Texan. The diseases and pestilence continues. Lets keep up the distractions so the world doesn't know the reason why they are being herded like sheep. When is Armageddon? Full Story

Are The Space Billionaires Hypocrites?

Are the space billionaires being climate hypocrites when it comes to their rockets? Full Story

Is CNN Promoting a Police State?

CNN Medical Analyst Wen: Biden needs to bring back masks mandates, move towards ‘Proof of Vaccination’. Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. Full Story

Media Misinformation From the Left is Okay

WH Spox Wants ‘Conservative News Outlets’ Policed for ‘Misinformation’ Full Story

Could Not Happen To A Better Company

Netflix lost nearly a half million subscribers in the U.S. and Canada during the second quarter. Full Story

It Seems What Group You Are Part of That Matters

A man who engaged in non-violent protest at the Capitol on January 6 was sentenced to eight months in prison this week for obstructing an official proceeding, while hundreds charged in violent riots last summer have seen their cases dropped. Left riots Okay, Right Protests Not Okay. Full Story

World Craziness, It Must be in the Water or Chemtrails

Owners and editors of Sports Illustrated are betting that a transgender man on the cover of their 2021 swimsuit edition will change heterosexual attitudes. A world gone amuck....... Full Story

20 July 2021

Bezos Left The Planet

To bad he didn't go the Mars and stay there.

You Are Under Control, No VAX No Job

Companies have the right to terminate employment based on an individual’s refusal to be vaccinated if the refusal is not based on a disability or sincerely held religious belief. You must submit and assimilate, resistance is futile. Full Story

Is Your Phone Infected?

Governments Around the World Infected Phones with ‘Pegasus’ Spyware. So you still want your Spyphone? Well I wish you the best of luck. Cell Phones are the second most evil thing in the world. What's the first you ask? Television is the first most evil thing in the world. It's a brainwashing machine. Full Story

It's On The Way Full Government Control of Your Money

Most of the cash transactions that take place governments can’t see. They can’t track. But should the governments track every single penny you make or spend? No I say it's none of their business. All they want is to TAX every single penny and know where YOU spend YOUR money. But then government believes it's THEIR money your spending NOT yours. The Great Reset is near. Full Story

19 July 2021

Maybe The Use For The Useful Idiot is No Longer Needed

At this time anyway maybe the need for the useful idiot isn't needed. Executives at Facebook are claiming that the Biden administration is using the social media platform as a “scapegoat” for the administration’s failure to meet vaccine goals. But then anyone who trusts government is a useful idiot. Full Story

American Socialism on The Rise

While government continues to use your money to buy votes for themselves, they should use your money to pay people NOT to have kids rather then pay people for having kids. A government gone wild. Full Story

Biden is a Human Pandemic

'Joe Biden and his merry group of proletariat supporters there in the White House are destroying this country'. Full Story

Are You Being Targeted?

Spyware licensed to governments for tracking terrorists and criminals was used in attempted and successful hacks of 37 smartphones belonging to journalists, human rights activists, business executives and two women close to murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, according to an investigation by The Washington Post and 16 media partners. Are you sure you want to keep your spy-phone, I mean Cell-phone? Full Story

No Need For an Army, Just Buy The Farms

No need for China to send an army to take over America, just buy the farms instead. Will Bidens government care? I doubt it. Starve us out with overprice food. Full Story

10 July 2021

Local Zoning Laws Controlled by HUD

Infrastructure package contains provisions to federalize local zoning laws to displace single-family homes in the suburbs. Ordinances that ban apartment buildings from certain residential areas or set a minimum lot size for a single-family home,” HUD will cease funding to that city. You will be assimilated into one thought process and controlled by the collective. Full Story

Summer Camp for Billionaires

No nothing about anything Gates seems to know all about pharmaceuticals and the environment. So they talked about "Climate Change" but the FAA had a air traffic jams from all the Private Jets. Full Story

Arrogance at its Best

New City "Zuckville". Full Story

Bidens Government Opens Doors to Saboteurs

Biden is allowing Chinese equipment to be used in critical U.S. power infrastructure, the Biden administration is leaving a back door open for communist saboteurs. Full Story

More Government in Your Lives

Dems ‘Just Want More Government Control’ over Internet Instead of Standing up to Big Tech. Full Story

New Voters To America

Is the U.S. Involved in Haiti? Would not surprise me in the least. The left needs as many voters as they can get. Full Story

6 July 2021

NASA and The World Try To Stop Asteroid

Now one would think if NASA and the world scientists can get together and TRY and stop and asteroid then they could get together and control hurricanes. But then governments couldn't let a good crisis go to waste. Full Story

Freddy Krueger And Coors

Coors beer, much like Freddy Krueger, wants to plug into your dreams. Full Story

Governments Controls Lives

As the Vax crazy countries grows so does the control governments want over YOUR lives. Get jabbed or suffer the consequences. Full Story

You May Very Well Have To Dig Deeper

Oil prices to increase? Of course, and why not. Saudi Arabia and UAE dispute. Full Story