What Do You Know About Reproductive Cancers?
Choose only one answer per question

  1. How common is testicular cancer in men?
    a 1 percent of all male cancers
    b 10 percent
    c 15 percent
    d 25 percent

  2. How often should men perform a self exam for it??
    a once a year
    b once every three months
    c once a month
    d once a week

  3. At which age does this testicular cancer usually appear?
    a any age
    b 65 or older
    c after 50
    d 20 to 40

  4. Prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in men.  At which are men at the greatest risk?.
    a 65 or older
    b 40 or older
    c 20s
    d teens

  5. What are the early symptoms of a prostate malignancy?
    a pain
    b frequency urination
    c blood in urine
    d none of the above

  6. Which of these reproductive cancers are most likely to be fatal in women?
    a breast
    b ovarian
    c uterine
    d vaginal

  7. Which of these lowers the risk of ovarian cancer?
    a low-fat diet
    b breast-feeding
    c birth-control pills
    d all of the above

  8. The Pap smear is an important screening test for which of these cancers?
    a breast
    b cervical
    c vaginal
    d ovarian

  9. Which of these is the most crucial warning sign of uterine cancer?
    a pains
    b fatigue
    c frequent nausea
    d abnormal bleeding

  10. Which of these lifestyle factors can increase the risk of breast cancer?
    a hormone replacement therapy
    b more than two alcoholic drinks daily
    c being overweight
    d all of the above