How Much Do You Know About Kidney Health?
Choose only one answer per question

  1. How much blood do your kidneys filter daily?
    a 25 gallons
    b 15 gallons
    c 200 quarts
    d 1,000 pints

  2. Your kidneys are what part of the body?
    a involuntary muscles
    b lymph nodes
    c voluntary tissue
    d glands

  3. Kidneys release sodium, phosphorus and potassium into the blood. What else do they secrete?
    a vitamin D
    b hormones
    c a and b
    d none of the above

  4. What is the most common cause of kidney failure?.
    a drug abuse and smoking
    b high blood pressure
    c diabetes
    d b and c

  5. How do most diseases affect the kidneys?
    a damage nephrons
    b damage tubules
    c damage urethras
    d damage all tissue

  6. Which of the races is most likely to have high blood pressure, which contributes to kidney failure?
    a Caucasians
    b African-Americans
    c Asians
    d Hispanics

  7. Which of these over-the-counter medicines can be toxic to kidneys?
    a acetaminophen
    b aspirin
    c ibuprofen
    d all of these

  8. Painkillers that contain two or more analgesics are most likely to damage kidneys if they're combined with other substances. Which of these could form a lethal combination?
    a caffeine
    b codeine
    c a or b
    d a and b

  9. If you experience reduced renal function, you should monitor which of these in your diet?
    a cholesterol
    b sodium
    c food dyes
    d a and b

  10. The most common kind of kidney stone stems from a chemical reaction that causes urine to crystallize. Which of these kinds of stones comprise up to 85% of those that develop?
    a calcium stones
    b cystine stones
    c nitrogen stones
    d none of the above