How much do you know about HEARING loss?
Choose only one answer per question

  1. Most Americans with hearing loss wait how long before seeking medical help?
    a five to seven years
    b three to four years
    c one to two years
    d one to three months

  2. Conductive hearing loss is usually caused by which of the following?
    a a virus or bacteria
    b trauma or accident
    c blockage due to wax or fluid
    d all of the above

  3. What causes nerve loss, the most common form of hearing loss in older people?
    a aging
    b exposure to loud noises
    c heredity
    d all of the above

  4. What sounds are most often first affected by noise-induced hearing loss?.
    a higher frequencies
    b lower frequencies
    c consonant sounds
    d a and c

  5. Which of the following are signs you may be experiencing hearing loss?
    a people around you seem be mumbling
    b people say you turn up the television or radio too loud
    c you find that watching people speak helps you understand them
    d all of the above

  6. Long-term exposure to loud noise can cause high-frequency hearing loss.  Which of the following is a common cause of the noise-induced hearing loss?
    a shooting guns
    b industrial noise
    c small appliances
    d a and b

  7. The most common cause of conductive hearing loss in children are middle-ear infections.  How are they treated?
    a antibiotics
    b surgical insertion of the ear tubes
    c surgical removal of the adenoids
    d all of the above

  8. Which of the following is a symptom of Meniere's disease, a condition caused by changes in the fluid in the inner ear?
    a hearing loss often in one ear
    b headaches
    c severe dizziness
    d a and c

  9. Noise is a common and significant cause of hearing loss.  How can you tell if a noise may damage your hearing?
    a you have to shout over background noise to make yourself heard
    b the noise hurts your ears
    c it makes your ears ring
    d all of the above

  10. How can you best protect your hearing?
    a wear airtight ear protectors
    b stuff your ears with cotton
    c listen to a personal CD player
    d b and c