How Much Do You Know About Headaches?
Choose only one answer per question

  1. Where does most headaches pain come from?
    a brain
    b nerves
    c back muscles
    d sinuses

  2. Which of these causes more than half of the headaches that children suffer?
    a infectious diseases
    b stress
    c respiratory allergies
    d exhaustion

  3. Chronic, recurring headaches are more common among people who have which of these conditions?
    a asthma
    b coronary heart disease
    c diabetes
    d all of the above

  4. A warning signal of a migraine headache is called an aura. What form does an aura take?
    a seeing flashes of light
    b smelling of an odd odor
    c tingling in the arms
    d all of the above

  5. What percentage of women suffer from migraines at least once in their lives?
    a 70
    b 50
    c 35
    d 20

  6. For those susceptible to migraines, it's important to avoid headache triggers. Which of these should you eliminate from your diet?
    a coffee
    b red wine
    c aspartame
    d all of the above

  7. A related disorder often coexists with migraine headaches. What is it?
    a attention deficit
    b depression
    c compulsive-obsessive
    d agoraphobia

  8. Cluster headaches are located on one side of the head, are extremely painful and occur suddenly. Who's most likely to experience this kind of headache?
    a allergy sufferers
    b children
    c men older than 30
    d menopausal women

  9. Which of these may typically trigger a cluster headache?
    a caffeine
    b high altitude
    c alcohol
    d b and c

  10. One of these authors experienced visionary aura before migraines, and used the images as inspiration for a famous literary work. Who is it?
    a Edgar Allen Poe
    b Kurt Vonnegut
    c Lewis Carroll
    d Michael Crichton