What Do You Know About Colorectal Cancer?
Choose only one answer per question

  1. How curable is colorectal cancer?
    a it's always fatal
    b 35 percent survive five years
    c remission rate is 50/50
    d 91 percent curable

  2. Which of these is an early symptom of this cancer?
    a rectal bleeding
    b frequent diarrhea
    c abdominal pain
    d none of the above

  3. Which of these population groups are more likely to develop it?
    a Hispanics
    b Caucasians
    c African-American
    d all of the above

  4. At which age should annual screening begin?.
    a 32
    b 40
    c 45
    d 50 and older

  5. Which tests does the American Medical Association recommend be done annually?
    a Fecal Occult Blood Test
    b sigmoidoscopy
    c colonoscopy
    d all of the above

  6. Which factors may contribute to colorectal cancer?
    a drinking alcohol excessively
    b exposure to environmental toxins
    c being underweight
    d all of the above

  7. What factors in your personal history may contribute to an increased risk?
    a inflammatory bowel disease
    b benign bowel polyps
    c breast or ovarian cancer
    d all of these

  8. Which of these preventive measures is the most effective means of reducing risk?
    a diet high in fruits and vegetables
    b routine screening test
    c adequate calcium
    d all of the above

  9. How does colorectal cancer begin?
    a DNA changes in intestinal cells
    b tumors develop
    c polyps grow
    d intestinal lining thickens

  10. In which geographic area is colorectal cancer the second-most common form of cancer?
    a Asia
    b Western countries
    c South America
    d Australia