How much do you know about
Reducing Your Cancer Risk?
Choose only one answer per question

  1. Which of the following contributes to your risk of developing cancer?
    a tobacco use
    b family history
    c lifestyle factors
    d all of the above

  2. What percent of lung cancer deaths can be attributed to tobacco use?
    a 37 percent
    b 47 percent
    c 57 percent
    d 87 percent

  3. In addition to not smoking, which of the following can reduce your cancer risk?
    a eat a healthful diet
    b be physically active
    c sit far away from computers
    d a and b

  4. Physical activity can reduce the risk for cancer. How much is enough?
    a moderate activity for 10 minutes, three days a week
    b moderate activity for 30 minutes, five or more days a week
    c vigorous activity for 60 minutes, seven days a week
    d vigorous activity for 90 minutes seven days a week

  5. Greater consumption of vegetables and fruits has been shown to lower the risk for several cancers.  How much produce do you need to eat?
    a at least one serving each day
    b at least two servings each day
    c at least three servings each day
    d at least five servings each day

  6. Maintaining a healthful weight can reduce the risk for which of these cancers?
    a colon
    b esophagus and kidney
    c breast
    d all of the above

  7. High-fat diets have been associated with an increased risk for cancers of the colon and prostate.  Which of the following food choices could reduce your cancer?
    a hamburgers
    b low-fat dairy products
    c butter or lard
    d all of the above

  8. What percent of people with oral cancer consume alcohol frequently?
    a 25 to 30 percent
    b 35 to 40 percent
    c 65 to 70 percent
    d 75 to 80 percent

  9. The American Cancer Society recommends women do which of the following to reduce their risk for breast cancer?
    a maintain a healthful weight
    b be physically active
    c eat at least five frits and vegetables each day
    d all of the above

  10. Which of the following is a risk factor for skin cancer?
    a excessive exposure to sunlight
    b fair completion
    c severe sunburns as a child
    d all of the above