Age of Deceit

We live in the age of deceit, politics, NEWS, all around us from country leaders to executives of corporations and appointed department heads to elected officials at the local, state and national level. What can one believe and who can one believe? This video is informational and all the information in this video is in the Bible. Chuck Missler, whose military and business career spans decades, continents and industries, has reached a startling conclusion about the Bible. It’s not from our “time domain.” In another word, it’s “extraterrestrial.” He’s created a video that provides the evidence. “The Bible is incredible, and you can demonstrate it is of extraterrestrial original,” he said in a Jan. 27 talk to the Christ’s Commission Fellowship church. The video has attracted attention already on the Internet. Missler, a Naval Academy graduate and former branch chief of the Department of Guided Missiles, also has had a remarkable 30-year executive career, serving on the board of directors of 12 public companies and as CEO of six of them. For 20 years he balanced his high-profile corporate career with his teaching commitment at a weekly Bible study at Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, Calif.