18 December 2021

More COVID Outbreaks and Civil War

Please understand, the world is getting more violent as governments limit peoples freedom. This is what the globalist want. They want anarchy in the world. They also want a great reduction in world population. Once the world is in total chaos, the people will demand peace. That's when there will be a One Government of control for the world. It's coming people and the ones creating it will rush to lie to you telling you they can fix it. We are being manipulated, lied too, and most definitely being controlled. By 2025 we will see a new world, one many will not like. The fears of a Shadow Government, well there already is one, yet another lie from officials. This is just a heads up.... Full Story

Nothing Else To Complain About

Greater equity in car crash dummy tests, claiming that the male body has been far too favored, leading to needless deaths of women. Is it cell phone brain cancer causing people to complain about the off the wall things. Next it will be PETA complaining about not testing dummy animals in car crashes. What are these people drinking, or smoking? I still think it's cell phone brain damage. Full Story

16 December 2021

Okay for Democrats

It seems it's okay for politicians to perform "Inside" trading while the tax payers get sent to jail. As it's said, "When people rob banks they go to prison. When they rob the taxpayer they get re-elected." Oh, so how true that is. Full Story

Brown Shirts In New York

It's getting more open that America is well on its way to tyranny. Each day the "Zombies" blindly follow some New World Globalist order of controlling the masses. The same thing that happened in Germany and many other countries in the last 100 years. The day of America's freedom coming to an end is close at hand. Once the politicians "Disarm" the citizens, we will be given blankets laced with Smallpox to keep us warm during our last days of life. Full Story

Chicken Little

The sky is falling, the sky is falling. So to keep people in control there must be more propaganda to ensure the population is kept in fear of their lives. Now the winter "Omicron" is out to get you and your family. You better stay home and live off of Biden's handouts. Oh, by the way you are required to vote for any democrat that is running for any local, state and federal office or else.... Full Story

15 December 2021

Communists Disguised as Democrats

Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut has just raised the stakes. However, he not only attended an awards ceremony hosted by the Communist party, he spoke at it. Full Story

Not Sure Who Is The Racist One Is

The One making the statement or the one they are talking about.... Seems to me it's the one making the statement.....The Salvation Army asked for more than donations this year. The Christian charitable organization asked all white donors to reflect on their racism this year. Full Story

A Step Closer To Economic collapse

Gas prices up 58.1%, Used vehicles prices up 31.4%, Hotels increase 25.5%, Meat, poultry, and fish prices up 13.1%, Furniture and bedding prices up 11.8%, New vehicles prices up 11.1%, Domestic services prices up 10.2%, Jewelry prices up 6.7%, Electricity prices up 6.5%, Food prices up 6.1%, Apparel prices up 5%, Milk prices up 4.6%, Fruits and vegetables prices up 4%. The stage is being set for an economic collapse and to join the U.N. in The Great Reset. Full Story

14 December 2021

U.S. Lost 98-99% Of Its Capability To Track Terrorists In Area

U.S. had lost virtually all of its capability to track Islamic terrorists in al-Qaeda and other organizations inside Afghanistan after Democrat President Joe Biden’s chaotic and disastrous pullout from the country earlier this year. No surprise there, what has Biden not messed up? Full Story

Each Day I think I've Heard Everything

Apparently in this world there is no Personal Responsibility. It's the cell phones which are frying peoples so called brains, if they had any to begin with. Since America is law suite crazy, I see this coming here real soon... A man who slipped and broke his back while working from home was “commuting” to work during his walk from his bed to his desk, a German court has ruled. According to the court, “the first morning journey from bed to the home office [was] an insured work route.” Full Story

In Their Backyard is Good

DeSantis suggested sending the illegal aliens to President Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware or Martha’s Vineyard, where former President Obama is settled in a coastal mansion. What a great idea..... Full Story

Infiltration Of Socialists

While the infiltration of socialists and communists have been in the military for some time, at least this one is open about it. Former Army captain and Democratic Socialist candidate running for New York’s 11th congressional district stripped at an anti-war burlesque show wearing a uniform and bashing the military. But what else can one expect from New York.... Full Story

Yet Another Non Expert Feeds The Fear

I guess movie actors know everything there is to know. Left-wing Marvel movie star Mark Ruffalo joined the left-wing craze of blaming the horrific and deadly tornado disaster in Kentucky and several states on climate change. Full Story

9 December 2021

The Coming Convergence

Just to make you aware, humans can not and are not able to create an utopia of any kind. Don't be fooled by government, they don't always work in your best interest. Full Story

NPR/Marist poll

Just 16 percent of American adults strongly approve of President Biden’s job performance. Really? (sarcasm) How about that..... Sometimes you can't buy your way out of a fix using OTHER peoples money. Full Story

Beware Of Wolf In Sheep Clothing

Illinois Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Founded Far-Left Magazine that Defended Riots and Abortion While in School at St. Louis University. Full Story

Cheating Is Not What Gains Popularity

The new poll, from I&I/TIPP, asked respondents who they wanted to run in 2024, and just 22% said they wanted Biden, while 12% said they wanted Harris. Full Story

Is Anyone Surprised?

12 U.S. cities that have set annual homicide records in 2021 reveals every city is led by a Democratic mayor as President Joe Biden’s first year in office is plagued by growing crime. Full Story

8 December 2021

1984 Rewriting History or Removing History

The statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville will be melted down. Full Story

The Mark of The Beast?

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. - Elon Musk has said that Neuralink, his brain-interface technology company, hopes to start implanting its microchips in humans next year. Full Story

Smart Homes Turn Dumb

Amazon.com Inc.’s cloud-computing arm left thousands of people in the U.S. without working fridges, roombas and doorbells, highlighting just how reliant people have become on the company as the Internet of Things proliferates across homes. Full Story

Liberal States First

Maybe the West coast folks should think about moving. - swarm of more than 40 earthquakes in 24 hours is causing a buzz in the northwest US. Full Story

Does It Make A Difference?

A Rose is a Rose no matter what the name is. Are they scared of hurting someones feelings? The world running a muck - Woke Scottish Govt to Replace Word ‘Addict’ with ‘Person with Problematic Substance Use’. Full Story

6 December 2021

So That's The Reason For The Shortage

HIDDEN STRIKE China feared to be hiding missiles in shipping containers for Trojan Horse-style plan to launch attack ANYWHERE in world. Full Story

Total Submission and Nothing Less

NYC Announces First-In-The-Nation Vaccine Mandate For Private Companies.... Full Story

Biden Trying to Convince Himself?

Is Biden trying to convince himself about jobs or is he just not in touch? Maybe he and his administration live in the Matrix... Full Story

New Green Deal - For China - More restrictions on U.S.

Biden's Government is running amok with no idea of how to handle much of anything with the exception of higher prices and more people control. Full Story

Communists Wins Biggest American Battle

It took a little more then seventy (70) years but the communists have won a major battle in America. -- Democrats Increasingly Favor Socialism over Capitalism. Full Story

3 December 2021

Federal Control?

Why Federal? What happened to the local police and governments. That's right, they would not be held accountable for laws they had no part in making. They just enforce them. Walking zombies. An extension of Federal power and control. As drone popularity increases, feds look to rein in bad behavior. Full Story

Yet Another Story To Support The New World Order

A ‘radical’ UN climate style ‘pandemic treaty’ for viruses!? World Health Organization agrees to negotiate a ‘pandemic treaty’ to prevent next outbreak. Full Story

New Reports and Prepare For The New World Order

So the question is, do you trust your government? I would be extremely cautious in trusting government since 1860's. Russia was was right when it said well will not have to fire a shot, America will fall under it's own corruption. Well the end is near and the so called government people are trying to cause a world depression so they can unite to a "One World Government and Order". Full Story

Total Obedience and Control Nothing Less

Only Thing This Administration Has Done in Response to COVID ‘Is the Iron Fist’ Mark Levin - Full Story

Divide and Concur

The Communist way. Divide the military and have it fall apart and then fill it with socialist and communist to fit the leftist ideology. Some are trying to stop it, but as from experience the government doesn't always work for the betterment of the people. Wealth and power is all they want, at any and all costs. Full Story

The Power Extension Continues

Immunizations being recorded and monitored, but not used against anyone for non compliance.... Yeah, right. I'm from the Government and I'm here to help..... The most scary phrase in the English language. Full Story

2 December 2021

Welcome To The New World Order

The Federal Government will soon be tracking any imunizations you should get. So what happens if your name is NOT in the database? Can't get medical service, can't buy food, can't do this or can't do that. 1984 is here and has been for many years. By the way, we're paying for it. Here is yet another system that will be hacked and who knows what will happen to YOUR information. The government would provide $400 million in taxpayer dollars to fund “immunization system data modernization and expansion,” a system otherwise defined as “a confidential, population-based, computerized database that records immunization doses administered by any health care provider. Full Story