29 April 2021

Biden's Government Police Reform

Biden's Government Police reform is nothing more then creating a National Police Force, just as powerful as the U.S. Military. By Having a National Police Force (NPF) he can make America like 1943 Germany. No Local police all government police. No second amendment, there will be NO such thing as "The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed". One must keep in mind Biden and his comrades are hard core socialists to maybe communists. Full Story

Another Deliberate Distraction?

US investigating possible mysterious directed energy attack near White House. Full Story

United States Has No Money

Did you know the United States Government has no money? All money is borrowed from the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve has nothing to do with the U.S. Government. Inflation also has been on the uptick, with March consumer prices rising 2.6% for the fastest year-over-year increase since August 2018 and a 9.1% jump in gasoline in March 2021. Also click on "Banks in Control" in the links section of this website. Full Story

Biden's Government Socialism/Communism

Biden's Government plans to increase social welfare services. Those items include $109 billion for free college tuition for Dreamers, free two-year community college for all, free universal pre-K, free aid for minority-serving institutions, a free family leave program, and an expansion of the Child Tax Credit. Full Story

Biden's Government Promotes Welfare Through Taxes

Up to $3,000 in a ‘child tax credit’ for children over six and up to $3,600 for children under six.” In addition, for two parents with two kids, the tax credit would be up to $7,200. The downfall is Biden’s tax hike plan would cost the American economy one million lost jobs in the first two years. Full Story

Biden's Government Socialist Agenda

Biden's Government offers sweeping agenda and touts democracy, or is it Socialism? $1.8 trillion for his children and family care and education. Mr. Biden's infrastructure proposal a liberal wishlist of big government waste. Provide universal preschool, free community college and expanded health care. Raising the tax rate from 21 percent to 28 percent. Full Story

28 April 2021

Google's Power Could Affect Roku Users

Customers with YouTube TV subscriptions could lose access to the service in the coming days due to Google’s “predatory” and “monopoly” behavior. Full Story

No Fact Checking of Democrats

The Washington Post is calling it quits on its presidential fact-checking database. Full Story

Biden's Government Continues With Socialism

Biden's Government changes from country infrastructure to "Human Infrastructure". New name, same scam. Full Story

Oil Companies Coming Up With New Gas Increases

A shortage of drivers who deliver fuel to gas stations. If it's not one thing, it's another. Full Story

Humans Are Causing The Earth Poles To Shift

Pumping of groundwater has contributed to the shift in Earth's axis and the movement of the poles. Full Story

24 April 2021

Pay More Get Less

Corn, wheat, soybeans, vegetable oils: A small handful of commodities form the backbone of much of the world’s diet and they’re dramatically more expensive, flashing alarm signals for global shopping budgets. Full Story

Amazon The Chief of 666

Amazon to use the biometric scan as an alternative method of checking out rather than using a credit card or cash. Full Story

MLB One Of Many Has Turned Political

Major League Baseball (MLB) is now questioning fans about political affiliation. Full Story

Bidens Government May Call National Security

Bidens Government may use or misuse the term "National Security" in order to disarm Americans. Full Story

21 April 2021

Commercial Brainwashing in Placement Ads

Product placements may soon be added to classic FILMS: Scientists develop technology to add subtle ads to blockbusters including Casablanca and The Great Escape. Full Story

A Shrinking World, Global Taxes

Talks on Global Levies. A U.S.-driven effort to reach a global accord on taxes. Full Story

19 April 2021

United States On The Brink of A Civil War

“The media and this administration’s relentless assault on our borders, language, and culture has expanded to include an assault on every one of our fundamental values and institutions. They are out to destroy a once righteous and heroic America and replace it with a leftist government defined by immorality and greed.” said Michael Savage. Full Story

Hippies of The Sixties, Demonstrates Their Hate For The Military

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), suggested as much as ten percent of the military could be white supremacists or adhere to “extremist ideology.”. Is that a concern? Do the democrats want to use the military against it's own citizens? Do the democrats consider "White" people as "Domestic Terrorists"? It seem so, doesn't it. Full Story

Social Welfare in Ca, If Your A Poor White, Then Nothing

Oakland’s $500-per-month pilot grant would target “BIPOC” (black, indigenous, and people of color) residents, to the apparent exclusion of some 10,000 poor white residents of the city. Just like Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus stimulus package is aimed at social welfare spending not related to the ongoing pandemic. Full Story

Mainstream Media Dispenses With The Idea of Fairness

The media always shave the coverage to fit their agenda. Full Story

18 April 2021

Maxine Walters Okay's Violence

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) joined demonstrators Saturday evening outside the police station in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, and told Americans to take to the streets unless Derek Chauvin is convicted for murder in the death of George Floyd. It's okay for Dems to break the law. No arrests on her will come for inciting riots. Full Story

Biden Shows His Racist Side

Biden calls 29-year-old masters champ Hideki Matsuyama ‘Japanese Boy’ Full Story

Healing Will Never Happen With This Attitude

Mercer University theology professor Chanequa Walker-Barnes wrote a prayer in which she asks God to help her hate white people. Full Story

15 April 2021

Dems To Pack Supreme Court With Dems

Full Control of the country is close. The Republic is dieing, soon the left will control ALL you do, say, buy, sell, own, medical, and anything else they can get to control. In other words you won't be able to do anything without the government knowing. They want all three branches of the government forever. In April, President Joe Biden created a commission to study possible reforms to the court, including adding seats. This past October, Biden promised to create such a commission if elected, saying the judicial system was “getting out of whack,” but said, “It’s not about court packing.”. I think it is. The Dems want FULL control of everything. Full Story

12 April 2021

Biden's Government Going Into Commercial Production

Joe Biden will urge Congress to invest $50 billion in semiconductor manufacturing. Government controling compines? Doesn't China do this? Full Story

Biden Doesn't Have A Backbone

Biden does not have a “principle bone in his body. The President is a “chameleon” who is trying to boost his legacy with flat-out lies. Full Story

Is It Because The Vaccine Isn't Working?

Dr. Anthony Fauci on Sunday advised people who have been vaccinated for COVID-19 to hold off on congregating indoors to eat or drink. Full Story

8 April 2021

1984 is Here, Turn in Your Family Members

People to flag family members who shouldn't be allowed to purchase firearms. Full Story

Amazon Once a Hater of Taxes Joins The Parade to Raise Taxes

Billionaire Jeff Bezos, CEO of multinational corporation Amazon, is endorsing President Joe Biden’s plan to hike the corporate tax rate after years of avoiding federal income taxes. Makes one think, what are the supporting corporations getting in return? But then they just pass the tax increase onto the product they sell. No loss to them. Full Story

Cuomo Gives Illegal Aliens $2,100,000,000 dollars of YOUR Taxes

While more than a million jobs have been lost in New York and an estimated 80,000 New York businesses may not make it to the end of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, Cuomo and state Democrats will provide $2.1 billion in stimulus checks and unemployment-style benefits to nearly 200,000 illegal aliens. Full Story

Pope Goes Beyond Religion and Into Politics

Pope Francis told financiers Thursday they must help calculate the “ecological debt” the global north owes to the global south. Full Story

More Tax Dollars Wasted Never to Return

$250 Million Aid Gift to Palestinians. Full Story

7 April 2021

If You Think The U.S.Government Doesn't Do This Than Your Not in Touch

Nearly 700 Americans — including government workers, CEOs and even Ashanti — were secretly placed on a Chinese watchlist when they traveled through Shanghai’s main airport, The Post has learned. Full Story

Humans Have Messed up The Planet

Maybe these creatures could do better. A top scientist said contacting alien life is a 'terrible idea', and his words have been interpreted as a warning of inviting other species to 'rule Earth'. Such is the power of NASA's new telescope that some scientists fear it could disturb alien species that are unaware of our existence and maybe they will not all be friendly. Can't be any worse than what the humans have done, that's for damn sure. Full Story

The Millennials and Brainless Welcomes Control With Open Arms

Asher Weintraub, 17, was happy to show off the new digital New York state "pass" that he downloaded to his smartphone, which, via a QR code, certified that he was vaccinated against Covid. Full Story

Democrats Don't Support American Citizens

New York: Illegal Aliens to Get $1.1B More in Taxpayer-Funded Aid Than Small Businesses. Nearly 200,000 illegal aliens living in New York will soon receive $2.1 billion in taxpayer-funded stimulus checks and unemployment benefits thanks to a budget agreed upon by Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D). Full Story

United Airlines May Be Putting Passengers at Risk

United Airlines admitting its primary objective is not to hire the most qualified pilots for a training course that decides who will pilot airliners full of hundreds of souls. No, the top objective is skin color and vaginas. Full Story

Democrats Definition of Infrastructure

Paid Leave, Child Care, and Caregiving is ‘Infrastructure. Full Story

Your Health Records, Are They For Public Display?

As this COVID thing progresses your health records maybe available to restaurants, stores, businesses and so on. At least 17 companies or nonprofits are developing websites or apps that might be used by sporting venues, restaurants and other businesses seeking to keep their customers and employees safe, according to Joel White, the executive director of the Health Innovation Alliance, a broad coalition of health providers, tech companies, employers and insurers. Private companies, moreover, are free to refuse to employ or do business with whomever they want, subject to just a few exceptions that do not include vaccination status. But states can probably override that freedom by enacting a law barring discrimination based on vaccination status. So if you want to work or buy or sell, you better show your papers prefixed with the number "666". Full Story

6 April 2021

Federal Government Won't Require COVID Vaccine Passports

Okay, how many times have you heard the government say the WILL NOT do something and a week later do what they said they would NOT do. This remains to be seen. Though publicly the government MAY not require Vaccine papers, it would not surprise me they highly recommend businesses to have some sort of a way to ensure the employees are vaccinated or business associates. This may be required in order to have any government contracts. In a nutshell, the government will NOT do business with you if you don't have a way to verify you employees have been vaccinated. Mark my words. This has yet to play out. Full Story

The New World Order and Control Is Just Around The Corner

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Monday urged the adoption of a minimum global corporate income tax, an effort to at least partially offset any disadvantages that might arise from the Biden administration’s proposed increase in the U.S. corporate tax rate. Full Story

The Sovereign State of Facebook vs. The World

Facebook became a country and joined the United Nations, well not yet anyway. The King of Facebook plans to issue its own currency. Full Story

No Voter ID But We Require To Buy From Us

200 companies oppose Voter ID Laws–many require IDs for use of service. Like the State of Georgia’s voter ID requirement, PayPal, MLB, United Airlines, and Uber also require identification to use their services. Full Story

5 April 2021

666 Is Coming In The Form Of Vax Papers

666 is on its way in America in the form of Vax papers in order to travel, buy and sell. This Covid thing was needed world wide to control people, where they go, what they buy and what they do. Several stores are already NOT accepting cash or have just a few places they will accept cash. The cashless society is also required as part of the 666 New World Order. It's here people. I told you about this last year. The Covid was a plot to control people around the world. The hippies and the left will accept this with open arms. It's because they are already brainwashed and what is left of their brain is burned with radiation from the cell phones. America is falling and fast. 2 April 2021

Companies Are Getting Into Politics

A massive backlash against Coca-Cola sparked after the Georgia-based company’s CEO, James Quincey, said the recently-passed Georgia voting laws aimed at improving state election integrity are “unacceptable,” “wrong,” and “a step backward.” This is what happens when The National Indoctrination System brainwashes the student. These people feel they to have to control the nation. So after the 16 plus years of National Indoctrination brainwashing, what's left of the brain is then burned by the use of a Cell Phone. Full Story

Biden's Government Continues To Waste YOUR Money

Border crisis Costing taxpayers ‘About $855 Million a Year. Texas is responsible for paying for the education and health care costs of those who come in illegally. Seems the Illegals have it better than some Americans. It seems Biden's Government will NEVER take care of legal Americans. Full Story

Biden's Government Erodes States Rights

$2.3 trillion infrastructure plan, the American Jobs Plan, would erode “right-to-work” laws in states that do not force workers to join a union, and would include a controversial “card check” system. Full Story