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This website is for those with an open mind. Many articles on Space Coast Freedom offer other realities which could quite possibly be the real truth rather than what the main stream media tries to program you with. Our website presence has been since 1997. The name of the site and hosts have changed several times since then. The website has gone through several transformations and configurations. The owner of Space Coast Freedom resides in Brevard County Florida. Space Coast Freedom is the current name and will remain as such for as long as the Internet still allows free speech and is economically feasible. We do not accept advertising, private funds, public funds, union funds, or donations of funds. Space Coast Freedom is privately owned and is not a business, we are not associated or affiliated with any group or groups, clubs, unions, Political Action Committees, any level of Government, nor is Space Coast Freedom part of or co-owner of any other website or group. Space Coast Freedom is an independent operation. At our discretion we offer links to other websites. All off site links opens a new tab or page. Some pages on Space Coast Freedom may not display on all platforms. Space Coast Freedom is written in several languages which may not be compatible on all platforms such as; Smart Phones, Tablets, and other devices which may not use JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, and Hyper Text Markup Language to create the proper display of the web page. This web site is best viewed using a desktop or laptop computer and designed to view best with FireFox browser.